Indústria Imaginária | Produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV


Victory, Rivals and Friendly Fire

Vitória, Rivais e Fogo Amigo

THREE CUTTING EDGE SPORTS… in each of them, two elite RIVAL athletes… one spot and the top of the international ranking in each sport… we begin with a retrospective of each of them, getting to know the characters… their awards, their lives, their sacrifices… a vision of each of them drawn by the other… by the rival. Each one’s personality is also portrayed by the trainers… Each one’s expectations recorded live or on Skype, and the rivalries…

Their meeting upon arriving for the Olympics… the nervousness before the challenges shared by both and the course of the competition… Three lose and three might win, generating a whirlwind of sorrow and joy… FINALLY the results.

VICTORY, RIVALS AND FRIENDLY FIRE is a show about six athletes of three different sports categories, sharing their preparations for the Olympics, reports about their journeys creating many formats with circulation impact before, during and after the Olympic Games: the episodes look at sports under an emotional eye, following an athlete from beginning to end with their victories, joys, sorrows, disappointments. Each character is an “anchor” so the competition can be shown. Each competitor’s voice is narrating in voice over mode the entire time, establishing an intimate relationship with the audience… it’s an emotional life testimony. Past and present mix together, preparing the audience for the apex and the grand-finale, which will be their performances in the Olympics… minute by minute, a character’s pulse whose support of few allowed each person to put themselves in the international limelight. The beginning, the surroundings of each initiation, and the portrait of hope of dreaming youngsters. An opportunity arises… and it’s taken with determination and hard work. An example of sacrifice and discipline. Technology paralleled with expectations… tensions… reaching success… that should never be seen as sufficient. From then on… the future, that’s called Olympic Games… creating an interesting international testimony, advertising the hidden hero inside each character. The Language is essentially photographic and intimist, making references in sporting goods films, where the original soundtrack also plays an important role. It’s a logbook, a larger scale reality show, with content and cinematographic consistency.