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A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV


Flag Holder

Flag Holder

Flag Holder is a show that draws a radiography of the biggest outdoor opera in the world, the Rio de Janeiro samba schools parade, through a contest between six girls from marginalized areas, whose goal is to shine. For every school, the flag is their greatest symbol and the responsibility of carrying it is bestowed upon a single girl. This girl is the FLAG HOLDER. By choosing this girl, we’ll immerse ourselves in the process that transforms fantasy into reality, a huge effort that puts eighty thousand people dancing down the catwalk. Besides being a portrait of the carnival industry, it’s also a story of power and vanity. A focal point of every camera and photographers, the event is a chance for these girls to become special and famous… they fight for it. It all starts with the music, the dance, their beauty, and the sponsors they may get to achieve their goals… and sometimes an experienced tutor (a former flag holder).

A lot has changed since the start of the parades… especially due to the technology to build the floats and props. However, the possibility of broadcasting the event for the entire world, the new world of the internet, has broadened the commercial gains of the event in a massive way… and large doses of vanity solidify. Bigger recipes are created, and a new industry is formed… thousands of carpenters, tailors, designers, working together without any apparent coordinator. The process of selecting a flag carrier, competitiveness, rivalry and generosity take shape in a world where vanity, fame, power and human weaknesses will always exist… around the FLAG CARRIER.