Indústria Imaginária | Produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV




In 1796, as they escaped the French Revolution, two Frenchmen, Jean Louis Pascal e Egbert Lescot, landed in Brazil. Jean Louis was Portuguese, raised in France, the only one who could stay in Brazil legally, since back then the country was closed for foreigners. Egbert was an illegal immigrant and mambembe theater artist, a bohemian by nature, who would soon be charmed by the dark skin of the African slaves, who he had never seen before. Not long after, he would fall into the winding curves of Dindara, a domestic African-Brazilian of a rare beauty, who he would impregnate. In May of 1797, a mixed-raced boy would be born, José Trazimundo. There was no time to sing him to sleep. His father vanished. THE INVENTOR OF DREAMS is the story of José Trazimundo, a mixed-race boy in search of his origins, in search of his father, who he believes to have arrived with the Portuguese court that ran away from the Napoleon invasions… During the thirteen years the court stayed in Brazil, his search faces twists until the final revelation of a surprising origin.

More than anything, THE DREAM MAKER is a pretext to dive into the 19th century and observe the environment of the time, its surroundings and characters, as if we were one of them… this way, there is no accent and the language is almost contemporary. The stars are the city, the architecture, the people. The main tools are José Trazimundo’s eyes, which describe in a popular vision how life in 19th century South America used to be.

THE DREAM MAKER was conceived as a multiplatform project. The film is a tool to introduce the project’s hotside, where interactivity, information and cultural and technical aspects are made available and amplify the audience’s experience in the matter.

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Mais que tudo O INVENTOR DE SONHOS é um pretexto para mergulharmos no século XIX, e observar o ambiente da época, seu entorno e personagens, como se fossemos um deles… dessa forma não há sotaque e a linguagem é quase contemporânea. A estrela é a cidade, a arquitetura, as pessoas. A ferramenta principal são os olhos do personagem José Trazimundo que descreve com uma visão popular como era a vida no século XIX  America do Sul.

O INVENTOR DE SONHOS foi concebido como um projeto multi plataforma. O filme é uma ferramenta para introduzir o hotsite do projeto, onde interatividades , informacões e  os aspectos técnicos e culturais são disponibilizados ampliando a experiência do público com o assunto.

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