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A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

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NAS NUVENS featuring Paralamas Bi and Barone

Ready Hitmaker

In the last 30 years of Brazilian Popular Music, or MPB, Liminha (Arnolpho Lima Filho) was responsible for the biggest hits and significant new groups in the Brazilian music industry… he played the bass “invisibly” with Titãs, Mutantes, the Police’s Andy Summers in many records… ALL of them passed by his hands: LULU SANTOS, TITÃS, PARALAMAS, GIL, an unlimited number of artists… in a legendary studio called NAS NUVENS.

NAS NUVENS is a series that dissects recording files from the biggest HITS in MPB… we comment each instrument separately and also the narrative of how arrangements were made… the “cases” and stories behind each SUPER HIT… it’s an untold x-ray of each MPB masterpiece, showing the final result of each song, and also other renditions through unusual remixes. These interferences are piloted by Liminha in the artist’s presence, in an interesting lab which will bring forth new renditions of well-established songs… a conversation through instruments played in each song at the time they were recorded, some are used, some not, and other chords which may be created on the spot.

NAS NUVENS emphasizes the importance of the music producer in the artist’s work, which is seldom recognized by the audience. It’s he who establishes the arrangements, the song’s beat, the repertoire and style to be followed. Michael Jackson never would have been the star he was without Quincy Jones, and so on.


NAS NUVENS studio was founded in 1984, by LIMINHA in partnership with Gilberto Gil… it is a significant part of MPB’s modern history… the series narrates in parts what the walls have witnessed and still witness to this day. In each program, we will talk about each artist’s biggest hits, their studio secrets and stories that were held under lock and key until now, placing the audience inside the mixing room, where everything happened.

Among the many artists who were wrought in there, we have six guests for the first season:

1) LULU SANTOS – Considered one of the greatest MPB hitmakers, Lulu defies the formula for success. The dissected hits are: Tempos Modernos, De Repente California, Como uma Onda, Adivinha o Que, Último Romântico, Tudo Azul, Tão Bem, Bole Bole.

2) TONY BELLOTTO – Through the history of Titãs, one of the most successful ‘80s rock groups, we got to know the music industry’s twists and turns throughout their career. Interests change, and bands break up. The dissected hits are: Lugar Nenhum, O Que, Polícia, Comida, Estado Violência, Miséria, Diversão, Comida Acústico MTV, Flores.

3) PARALAMAS represented by Bi and Barone – Paralamas was a group that promoted the fusion of vanguard rock (at times inspired by the POLICE) with Brazilian sounds. Restless by Herbert Vianna’s nature – the third member – they indicate the path to subversion through well-established sounds. The dissected hits are:   Meu Erro, Selvagem, Alagados, Caleidoscópio, Tendo a Lua, Lanterna dos Afogados.

4) FERNANDA ABREU – Stemming from a famous surf music group (Blitz), Fernanda charmed in the ‘80s as the electronic drums and sampler technology were born. This opening changed her career and generated obstacles that needed to be overcome. The dissected hits are: Rio 40 Graus, Jorge da Capadócia, Brasil é O País Do Swing, Garota Sangue Bom, Baile da Pesada, Veneno da Lata.

5) PAULA TOLLER – Flourished from the union between middle class kids in a low-expectations project, KID ABELHA fell into popular demand, unexpectedly catapulting the group’s career and the one of lead singer Paula Toller, who then went on to follow a solo career. The success is an event that promotes changes where there’s no turning back. The dissected hits are: Pintura Íntima, Como Eu Quero, Garotos, Lágrimas e Chuva, Fixação, Alice (Não Me Escreva Aquela Carta de Amor), Calma Aí.

6) SERGIO MENDES – From a historic Carnegie Hall Bossa Nova concert in the ‘60s, Sergio Mendes got to go to America never to return. He’s mashed Brazilian music with American pop and jazz, becoming a Brazilian musician with one of the most solid international careers. His work is heavily based on musical collaborations with other talents. These fusions resulted in sounds of unique originality.

The dissected hits are: Mas Que Nada with BRASIL 66, Mas Que Nada with the BLACK EYED PEAS, Água de Beber WITH THE BLACK EYED PEAS, The Fool in the Hill, The Look of Love, Noa Noa, Chove Chuva with Ivete Sangalo, One Nation with Carlinhos Brown, Let Me Take You to Rio with Carlinhos Brown, Meu Rio with Maria Gadu, Sou Eu with Seu Jorge e Samba de Orly with Bebel Gilberto.

NAS NUVENS is the biggest hitmaking factory Brazil has ever known.