Indústria Imaginária | Produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

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Mano a Mano – hand to hand

Mano a Mano - hand to hand

Divided into three acts, (RAP, SKATE, GRAFFITI) Mano a Mano is a documentary that describes street art as it’s used as an element of protest through the less favored layers of society, including the creation of pirate radio stations that spread marginalized culture without norms or legislation.

Inside prisons, inmates start explaining that rap is a more powerful weapon than a pistol, for it expresses dissatisfaction with wider echoes in society. It keeps on going in the São Paulo marginalized neighborhoods diving into sung rhymes and in skate parks, where graffiti adorns freely. Once they were in the urban art universe, still at the start of their careers, the TWINS, globally known graffiti artists, give a peculiar interview which ends with the venting thoughts of a former inmate who combines song, movement and graphic arts. It was produced for international DIRECTV and was broadcast in 15 countries.