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Black White and Blues featuring BB KING

Black White and Blues featuring BB KING

WHITE BLACK and BLUES is a doco music with BB KING in which he narrates the evolution of African-American civil rights throughout the years he spent crossing America from shore to shore, performing his music in American venues. Blues never sold a great deal of albums or CDs… the real seller for musicians has always been concerts… in over fifty years performing in the entire American territory, BB King is a living witness to how the conditions for African Americans changed in American society. Music had an essential role in this process, for it built the bridge between black and white people, who finally bowed before the value of black culture, establishing a desired and irreversible coexistence.

-During the 19th century, Mississippi cotton harvesters brought the rhythms sung by the work songs to the fields. On Sundays, to relieve the pains of the soul, they sang spirituals and gospels in church. The blues came from the fusion of these elements, which was then discovered by the civilized world in 1903. In an evening that year, at the Tutwiller station, Mississippi, a black man was accompanied by his guitar in a different way, he slid his knife over the chords. It was the blues, the soundtrack to the more than 5 million African-Americans who, between 1915 and 1970, left the rural south in search of opportunities created in the north of the country. For musicians, it was more than a one-way ticket, the blues were a passport for change.

WHITE BLACK and BLUES is the synthesis of these changes, narrated and sung for 45 minutes through BB KING’s guitar.