Indústria Imaginária | Produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

A Indústria Imaginária foi fundada por Ricardo Nauenberg após 10 anos de atuação na TV Globo . Atua na produção de filmes e conteúdos para TV

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Carlton Dance

Carlton Dance

Carlton Dance was a TV series conceived by Ricardo Nauenberg in the form of three-minute pills about contemporary world dance. For five years, the show was broadcast in five cable networks and in a commercial TV (TV Globo) simultaneously, at different slots, a new movie every week. It had over 250 films about contemporary world dance, shot in many continents in a global production.

In one of the examples, Luciana Brites created the aquatic ballet AWAKENING, which is the birth of a new being from an egg. Then, Soraia Ravenle, who choreographed and danced BRISA, through the desert’s sand invading and swirling into a house in ruins.